Cancer Kids Has Retired

From 1997 to 2013, the Cancer Kids website helped children with cancer tell their stories to the world, and celebrated the memories of children who lost their battle to cancer. This project has always been a labor of love, created and maintained by just a couple of people who are no longer able to maintain it. Therefore as of September 15, 2013, the Cancer Kids website is officially retired and will no longer be active.

This archived version of the Cancer Kids website has been provided to help preserve the stories and memories of these brave kids.

To the children

To all those children who are still in the battle, keep fighting! Your courage is an inspiration to those who watch you struggle and see your determination to live. In the words of the little girl whose cancer battle inspired the creation of this site years ago, “Trust in God and never give up!”

To the parents

To the parents of those children who are in the fight, God bless you. The sacrifices you make every day, the obstacles you face and overcome, and the unshakable love for your precious child that drives you forward through it all … that’s the stuff of legends. Don’t ever stop being an advocate for your child. Don’t ever stop telling your child’s story. You are a champion among champions.

To the broken-hearted

To those who have lost the battle, who have experienced the unthinkable heartache of burying your child, whose arms are unbearably empty and whose hearts are forever broken … our prayer for you is that the joy of your memories will provide some sense of balance to the emptiness in your soul; that you will find peace in the midst of heartache, blessings in the midst of trials, and hope in the midst of despair.

Thank You

A special thank you is extended to all those who have supported this project through the years. An extra-special thank you is extended to Kenny, who lovingly nurtured this website as volunteer webmaster for the last several years of its existence.